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Welcome to this course, which I hope you will enjoy. There are lecture notes and slides plus web activities on these pages to help you think about strategic management issues. Please do not consider the lecture notes as a substitute for wide reading. I am constantly updating this page so keep coming back to it.

Please note that you can access a number of other resources on this page, including a MESSAGE BOARD that you must consult weekly. Note that there is a separate set of web links for those following the strategic management unit. I have also produced a study booklet for you to work with. It is in draft form so please do the reading.

The booklet is in 2 formats. Click to download in Adobe PDF (2mb) or as a Winzip file (900kb)

Study Programme
Web Activities

How to download electronic journal articles for this unit?

1 Introduction to strategy

Introducing my Web Pages



Perspectives in Strategy.

Read chapter 1 of the study booklet

An Economists view of strategy

Multiple choice questions


Ten Steps in Strategic Planning

Read chapter 2 of the study booklet

Strategic Planning at NASA

Can Strategy be applied by Philanthropic organisations? Read the article by Mark Kramer entitled "Strategic confusion"


Environmental Analysis

Read chapter 3 of the study booklet

Scenario Planning

Strategy and Regulatory frameworks

Read this interesting paper by Oliver Williamson on Law, Economics and Organisation

Case Study on Regulating Lotteries

Core competences

Read chapter 4 of the study booklet

Web Activity on Core Competences

Incentives and agency

Two interesting On-Line primers from John Kay's website:On Profit Related Pay and On Company Law (with Aubrey Silberston)


Organisational Culture

Read chapter 5 of the study booklet


Game Theory (pdf)

Prisoner's Dilemma Game. Slide Show with Streaming Audio links to Windows Media Player.

Read chapter 6 of the study booklet

Multiple choice questions

Complexity and the Learning Organisation. Slides and web activities.

Read chapter 7 of the study booklet

The Society of Organisational Learning

11 Crisis Management Foot and Mouth Disease

Global issues

Reviewing the problems
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I am recommending the following texts for use on this course.

Johnson G & Scholes K (2001) Exploring Corporate Strategy Text and Cases, 6th ed., Prentice Hall, London. Click here to buy this book from Amazon.co.uk.

Those interested in the public sector can purchase Johnson G and Scholes K , editors (2000) Exploring Public Sector Strategy, Financial Times/ Prentice Hall, London. Click here to buy this book from Amazon.co.uk.

(If you buy books from Amazon I will donate the commission received to my chosen charity, The Parkinson's Disease Society.)


You can access the reading list for this course by clicking here.

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